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Zigmat plays a brand of electronic-infused indie rock that will get individuals up and on the dance floor as soon as the first bars of “Light of the Moon” start up. The band blends together the rigid structure of the synthesizer perfectly with the much more airy, indefinite sounds of the vocals. What results is a track that has a number of twists and turns before ultimately ending. “Turn Out” has a harder, more intense to edge to it.

This track brings a rock sound a la The Editors or Franz Ferdinand to the style of a “Light of the Moon”. The same style of arrangements and talent is the thread that links the two tracks together, and gives Zigmat an added boost of momentum coming into the later segments of the disc. While the melodies are not as immediately catchy as a Sounds, the band could easily become the new Sounds if the right individuals, zine makers, and disc jockeys find this album. “Decide” is perhaps the most stripped-down, rock influenced track on the first half of the disc. The synthesizer sneaks in under the radar, finally achieving parity with the Cure-like guitar and drum dynamic. “Decide” is the track that could bring Zigmat a crossover hit.

The vocals present during this track have a Gwen or Fergie sound blended in with the general sound brought to the disc. Another thing that could operate as an increase to the band’s crossover potential would have to be the liberal use of Spanish at a number of tracks on this disc. There are at least three different tracks during this album where Spanish is a focal point, so one can only presume that the Spanish market will go apeshit crazy if they get wind of this album. The band brings so many different styles and approaches to listeners on this album that it would be a disservice to music generally if they never break the radio charts. The high replay value, strong production value, and diversity of sounds present during the disc’s tracks ensure that individuals, should they know about it, would line up for this disc. Zigmat is a fusion band, and they never even touch jazz music! Buy this album, listen and learn to love it, for Zigmat will be an act that individuals are influenced by in the  next few years.

Top Tracks: Decide, Turn Out

Rating: 7.3/10

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