Dig This Real #9

Dig This Real #9 / $3.50 / :20 / 44M / http://www.digthisreal.com / 244 Fifth Ave, Suite 29037, New York, NY 10001-7604 /

Dig This Real is a zine that has a lot of things going for it. The reviews are actually given enough space to give a reader the sense of the spirit surrounding a particular item. Edie is completely smart when it comes to the pictures regarding these reviews, as it breaks up the page and really gives individuals something to look at. The interviews are typical, but feature bands that are beyond the periphery of fame (Violet Nine, Justin Tranter), which always is a positive as it gets individuals to actual consider a new act. Attempts to bring humor into the zine with the Dear Cthulhu and Jack Van Impe drinking game are well-noted and serve as a mood elevator but are placed too closely to have optimum affect in this issue. “Dig-In-Style” is one of the zine’s faults: an attempt at humor really is sunk by confused writing and an unclear sense of where Brandon would like to go with this piece. The inclusion of poetry, albeit a small amount of it hearkens back to issues of Verbicide and really does much to diversify an already-teeming (with diversity) issue. The only major thing that needs to be solved before Dig This Real can be a truly exciting zine is the blaisre layout that confronts the reader at ever section. Sure, there is a certain orthodoxy and neatness throughout Dig This Real but the pages just do not scream out “read me” to potential consumers. At the current time, it is a hard sell at $3.50 with a lack of changing fonts and gritty pictures.

Rating: 4.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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