Teedo – You Are My Girl

Teedo – You Are My Girl / 2007 ICBM / 4 Tracks / http://www.teedomusic.com /

“You Are My Girl” is an EP that sets the stage for the band’s upcoming full length, which should be out before the end of 2008. The title track blends together a very “China Girl”-era Bowie with a set of instruments that call together a rich array of influences. These influences include early nineties alternative rock, eighties “new wave” bands, and even a little bit of the instrumental side of the aforementioned Bowie. “You Are My Girl” has flashes of brilliance, but it still seems as if the band could reach another plateau. Perhaps the band’s second track on “You Are My Girl”, “Shut The Door On The World” will be what brings them up further.

The haunting melodies broached during “Shut The Door On The World”, calling forth a little bit of eighties-era Clash even as the vocals hop from Bowie to Lou Reed. The track has a melody that is even more catchy than “You Are My Girl”, but it seems like the stuttering, stop-start approach to instrumentation hinders the act from grabbing the brass ring. The final new track is “King of the World”, and it is around a minute longer than the next longest track. Despite this longer runtime, “King of the World” is the strongest track on this EP. This is because Teedo are able to create a dreamy, strung-out approach to rock that shows them at their strongest. Even the seventies, Frampton-esque sound that they achieve at points during “King of the World” works to create a sound that will resound in listeners’ ears for months to come. I would really like to hear the band’s full length; I don’t know exactly what they will be able to do, but at least it will be interesting to see them do it.

Top Track: King of the World

Rating: 6.6/10

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