Twisted Metal: Head-On – Extra Twisted Edition

Twisted Metal: Head-On – Extra Twisted Edition / 2008 Sony / Playstation 2 / /

Individuals may remember Twisted Metal Head-On was released for the Playstation Portable (PSP) in March, 2005. However, it is making its debut (along with some extra bells and whistles). I would wager that most individuals that read NeuFutur would already be familiar in some capacity with the basic concept of Twisted Metal games. Essentially, a bunch of different characters are in vehicles, in some sort of arena or stadium, and they try to blow the hell out of each other. Individuals can shoot at the other vehicles with whatever their vehicle has equipped, but there are a number of other weapons that individuals can use (landmines, missiles, and the like).

Individuals that have the PSP version of Twisted Metal: Head-On do not need to worry that the quality of the game will suffer being ported from the PSP to the PS2. The game sports new togs in that there is a 60 fps rate, higher resolution in the textures present in the game, and new animations. More so than just being a direct port, there are live action movies from the original Twisted Metal, a documentary  about the creation of the game, and a book of concept art that ultimately fueled the creative fires for the game. Finally, there are 4 previously-unplayed levels from Twisted Metal: Black that will keep individuals interested for a while longer. For those individuals that appreciated the music from “Head-On”, there is a code present in the game that will allow individuals to download the soundtrack.

I personally feel that the controls have been tightened up from the PSP iteration of the game. The high-octane energy of Twisted Metal: Head-On is only increased in intensity by responsive controls that will allow individuals to go and blow the hell out of all their enemies. I hope that the success achieved by “Head-On” will allow a number of other games previously released only on the PSP to be brought over to the PS2.  For fans of Twisted Metal, ‘Head-On” will provide individuals with enough game play to keep interest high until that time when the Twisted Metal franchise makes it to the PS3. “Head-On” is one of the most fun games released so far in 2008, whether individuals go it alone or play along with a friend. Give it a go if you miss your favorite homicidal, vehicle driving freaks – it’s well worth the purchase price, to say nothing of renting it.

Rating: 8.0/10

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