101 Dalmatians Platinum Edition

101 Dalmatians Platinum Edition / 2008 Walt Disney / 79 Minutes / http://www.dig.com /

101 Dalmatians is a film that has stood the test of time. Individuals may remember that the film was first released in 1961, and has enjoyed revivals in popularity every few years since then. It deals with the action surrounding 2 adult Dalmatian dogs – Pongo and Perdita – their little of 99 pups – and the film’s villain, Cruella De Vil. While this release does not play on any particular anniversary, Disney has added a number of different features and functions that will virtually make individuals pick this edition of the DVD up, no matter what versions of the movie that they have had before.

Of the highest import would have to be the remastering of the film, which turned a solid print into something vibrant and immediately catching for anyone that is of a certain age. No matter if even their parents were not alive when this film first reached theatres, kids today will find something to appreciate about 101 Dalmatians. Individuals that want to provide their children with a little bit more in the way of context for the film will dig the “101 Pop Up Facts For Fans”, which provide information that individuals may not already know, in a way that even the youngest of viewers can appreciate. The numerous featurettes that are present in the Platinum Edition (all told, 11 in number) give individuals a number of different viewpoints about the movie, whether they are listening to writers, historians, storytellers, or the like.

The evolution of the story for 101 Dalmatians is given further explanation with another featurette, providing a back and forth in terms of correspondence between original author Dodie Smith and Walt Disney eirself. Aside from the remastering of the print of the film, the other thing that will get individuals most focused in about the film would have to be the presence of previously abandoned and deleted songs and footage, some of which has been in the vault for a number of years. Being provided with so much information, individuals will have this disc in theirDVD player for weeks or months to come. While the utility of the DVD will vary depending on the age of the individual viewing it, the Platinum Edition of 101 Dalmatians is something that individuals 8 to 80 can dig. This is another needed entry to the Disney collection of anyone with a passing interest in the studio.

Rating: 7.0/10

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