Miwa Gemini – This Is How I Found You

Miwa Gemini – This Is How I Found You / 2008 Rock Park / 9 Tracks / http://www.miwagemini.com /

“Picnic” is the first track on “This Is How I Found You”, and it shows Miwa Gemini as an individual that really wants to take eir path in light. There is little present on this introductory track that will establish eir as following in a specific musical tradition. If anything, the lack of genre is one of Gemini’s strongest suits. The only tradition that Gemini seems to be in is of that of a Tori Amos, Bjork, or a Feist. There is an odd harmony to tracks like “Picnic” that will get deep under listener’s skin, no matter how far from traditional pop music eir compositions may ultimately be.

“Traveling Man” pushes forth much of the same sound that was first present during Picnic”, but Gemini adds a dollop of blues and rock to craft something that sounds like The Runaways meeting Leadbelly, with a little bit of the Dresden Dolls topping it off. “Something Ordinary” is a track that could conceivably make or break the rest of the album. Where the first two tracks totaled up to six minutes combined, “Something Ordinary” is a track that goes well above that amount. Individuals will stick with “Something Ordinary” due to the smart instrumentation and progression of the instrumentation/vocals that is present during this track. Where it may sound like Gemini is going all over the vocal map – meandering, as it were – each part of the act during this track combines to create something deliberate and the resulting track something with which individuals need to stick. “Forever For Never” is another slow track, but teases a turn towards the quicker a number of times.

This sense that Gemini is playing with listeners is interesting – whether it is a pick up in the guitars or drums, what ultimately results is the slower, more emotional sound that the track opened up. This is not a disc that will only have a few singles and a whole hell of a lot of chaff – Gemini’s goal here is to make a solid album, and that is exactly what ey does through all 9 tracks on “This Is How I Found You”. Where Gemini plays – at the juncture of antifolk, indie, alternative, and singer-songwriter pop – allows eir to do anything on the disc. Luckily for us, the listeners, Gemini has the talent to make everything stick. “This Is How I Found You” is haunting, interesting, and will be in player for months to come.

Top Tracks: Pieces, Room of You

Rating: 7.1/10

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