Mountain Home – S/T EP

Mountain Home – S/T EP / 2007 Language of Stone /

“The Sparrow” is the first track on this eponymous CD, and it shows that Mountain Home is an amazing act. There are least three different lines that individuals can follow during this track. For example, individuals can focus on the dreamy vocals, the droning atmospheric strings, or the meandering guitars present on the track. Any one of these three elements could easily be their own song. Taken together, what results is a nice interplay of distinct elements, one that keeps individuals listeners even as they try to decipher hat the band is trying to do here. While the track is miles away from anything else that has been on rotation radio in the last twenty-five years, Mountain Home’s own version of folksy indie music is something that individuals can easily love.

“The Sparrow” may be only one track, but it will hook individuals just as easily as a disc for of cuts could. Later tracks on this EP, such as “Comes, The Winter”, really do wonders in solidified the band’s sound. The act is putting their feelers out with this EP, and I feel as if their gambit has worked. The band revolves around an earlier set of influences and genres for this mini-album, and is capable enough to craft a sound that is completely fresh and something that individuals can completely appreciate in this day of age. Their dense arrangements are still easy to swallow, and provide continued sustenance through a number of listens. I know that I will be eagerly anticipating the next release from these two, looking back though it may be. It is my belief that they will be the big thing, just as soon as a track like “The Sparrow” gains legs, so make sure to pick up this album before the limited runs disappear into the hands of collectors and other fans.

Top Track: The Sparrow

Rating: 7.8/10

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