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Dave Patten – Pace of Change / 2008 Clark / 5 Tracks / http://www.davepatten.com

In the last six months since the last time that we reviewed Dave Patten, he has really taken that first bold step forward. First, he released a cover of the current hit “Sweetest Girl”, which provided individuals with a version that is even more soulful and energetic, while still being very sad in message, than the original version. Secondly, and more important for those fans that were salivating for a new Patten disc after they wore out their copies of “Fly Away”, there are five new, original tracks on “Pace of Change”.

“Pace of Change” starts out with “Don’t Stop”, the disc’s first single, and immediately individuals can hear a much more intricate and mature Patten. This is due to the soul that Patten inserts to every word that comes forth on “Don’t Stop”. While there is more than a fair share of Patten’s own voice present during each of the five tracks on “Pace of Change”, one has to hear a little bit of Chad Kroeger in it. Interestingly enough, “Don’t Stop” has a kindred spirit in Snow’s “Plumb Song”, a similarly soulful and compelling track from 2000. “Follow Me” is the second track on the disc, and it links the style found on “Too Close, Too Far” with what was heard on “Pace of Change”.

This means that there is a traditional, piano/drum dynamic present during a large segment of the track, but the inclusion of a multitude of layers onto that framework is what will snare listeners most tightly. As usual, the twisting and turning vocal style of Patten here will embed itself deep into the minds and hearts of anyone that listens. “Reminder” is the ending track for “Pace of Change”, and it provides individuals immediately with a dense instrumental arrangement that will have individuals listening in a number of times before completely “getting” what Patten has placed down here. After this opening salvo, things clear up to primarily show Patten and his guitar. The sense of longing that is present here is something that individuals can immediately identify with, and it is this common feeling, coupled with Patten’s skill, that will ensure continued success in the years to come. “Pace of Change” may only be an EP, but it will provide individuals with countless replays. So, if the style of music that Patten plays seems up your alley, give him a listen over at his Purevolume, Myspace, watch him at his Youtube (www.youtube.com/south9border ) or pick up a few songs from the iTunes store.

Top Track: Don’t Stop

Rating: 8.0/10

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