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Jason J. Bundy – Returning / 2007 Self / 4 Tracks / http://jasonjbundy.com/ /

After receiving “Returning”, I really wish I was more familiar with the I Ching, as the title refers to the 24th hexagram of that work. The limited edition of Bundy’s “Returning” features a hand-painted cover, and gives a certain gravitas to each of the four cuts on the disc. The first track on this EP is “Salutations To The Sun”, which shows Bundy as an artist that can work outside of traditional thought when it comes to genres and styles. There is a heavy atmospheric component that comes out during this introductory track – while there is little in the way of easily-discernible differentiation during the song, the slight shifts that Bundy takes snowball into something large by the end of the track.

The overall approach is similar during “Liber AL”, but there seems to be quicker shifts in the overall music present. Things switch to a pulsating, droning style of music that approximate that of a machine, while a second, higher-pitched tone acts to give the track a different sound. Each of the four tracks on “Returning” give individuals a different slice of the influences and styles that go into the creative process for Bundy. Where each of the tracks contribute to a cohesive sound on “Returning”, there is enough variation between the tracks to keep individuals focused on Bundy’s contributions here. There is a more ominous sound present during the introduction to “Breathing Fluid”. Where these sounds are generated by instruments, I can’t help but compare the compositions on “Returning” to the throat-singing style of artists like Kongar-ol Ondar.

There is ostensibly one set of sounds creating the music on “Returning”, but different sections of each track create different ways to interpret this sound. Individuals that have been acculturated to popular music may find it hard to give “Returning” an unbiased listen, but I exhort everyone to drop any assumptions about what music is intended to do and to go into “Returning” without any pre-conceived notions. If listeners are able to do that, the album will be enough to open one’s eyes. This is a truly Spartan release, but it is effective like the namesake tribe in that Bundy is able to do so much with so little on each track. Pick up “Returning” and give yourself enough time to properly meditate on what Bundy has provided. If you can, you will gain the benefits inherent in this album.

Top Track: Returning

Rating: 7.0/10

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