O2 Sparkling Vodka

O2 Sparkling Vodka / 2008 International English Distillers / 80 Proof / http://www.sparklingvodka.com /

This is another inaugural type of review for NeuFutur. Where we just had our first peripheral (the Pro|Click Mobile Mouse) reviewed yesterday, we have our first alcohol reviewed today. First off, I have to give massive kudos to International English Distillers (and Admiral Imports) for being so liberal with the vodka. I had fully expected a miniature bottle of the vodka for review, so I was quite surprised when an entire 750 made it to my door. The bottle sat on my shelf for about a week before I and a friend had a chance to review it, but I now wish I had cracked it open earlier.

As individuals may glean from the name, O2 Sparkling Vodka is a vodka that has been infused with a light carbonation. The vodka used for this is nothing less than top-shelf, with a very light taste. The flavor is such that the vodka burn is mitigated, replaced with a smooth style that never forgets its heritage. When it comes to sipping or shots, the carbonation aspect does not wreck the flavor of the vodka; rather, it enhances it and gives it acomplexity that other vodkas simply do not have. For individuals that like mixing their vodka in with other things (orange juice and the like), the flavor of O2 Sparkling Vodka is quickly hidden underneath practically anything you can pair with it. Where individuals may be afraid that this is some form of super-alcoholic alcopop, the reality of the matter is that O2 Sparkling Vodka has enough carbonation to make for a fundamentally different alcohol, but not enough to over-carbonate a soda.

I would personally like to see where IED go from here; I would personally like to see the other major types of alcohol (Gin, Rum, Tequila) given the same carbonation that vodka has here. I just know that, for my money, that O2 surpasses in quality and taste both Grey Goose and Skyy 90, and (given more experience), I would wager that it would surpass in the same way other top-shelf vodkas like Belvadere and Ciroc. Find a place around you that sells O2 Sparkling Vodka and give it a taste for yourself; whether it is in a mixed drink, sipped on, or even just done in straight shots, this is one hell of a vodka. It is truly the “Champaign of Vodkas”.

Rating: 9.4/10

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