Sing It Loud – S/T EP

Sing It Loud play a brand of emo that is a linkage between acts like Boys Like Girls and Amber Pacific. There is not quite as much in the way of synthesizers on a Sing It Loud track as there are during a Rocket Summer track, but the same infectious type of pop is similar in all three cases. “No One Can Touch Us” features Alex Gaskarth, of All Time Low, and represents Sing It Loud’s first hit on this EP. “I’ve Got A Feeling” thus has some big shoes to feel, and the track immediately equals (if not surpasses) “No One Can Touch Us” through an infectious synth that approximates a set of vocals.

The vocals, when they do enter into the equation, are of the type that will immediately tattoo themselves in the heads of anyone lucky enough to listen in. With two solid tracks under their belt, “Bite Your Lip” is the track that will show whether the band can last through a longer type of album. “Bite Your Lip” is the hump track on this EP, and it pushes the band in a different direction. While this may be dangerous for a less-talented act to do in the middle of an EP, Sing It Loud are able to link the two disparate styles through an emotive voice that sails above the instrumentation on this disc. The five cuts on this EP show that the act will be the next big thing, and the fact that they are able to put in an electronic buzz that was decidedly a facet of an earlier style and still sound current is a testament to their talent. I was not familiar with the act before getting this EP, but I know that I will be focusing in on the band in the months and years to come. Check them out too!

Top Track: Best Beating Heart

Rating: 8.1/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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