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“This Time It’s Personal” is a very hard-hitting and angular bit of rock that should be on rotation on radio stations all through the United States. While the act calls forth acts like Tool and System of a Down during this and other tracks on “Afterall”, they push forth a sound that is completely unique while still allowing individuals to gradually ease into the album.

“Poppin Pills” continues to contribute to Somehow Still Alive’s unique sound on “Afterall”, but brings a little bit of progressive rock sound to the band’s instrumental compositions. This means that, even more than approaching current fans of what is on rock rotation radio, they could conceivably even interest progressive rock fans (which are notoriously hard to please in their own right). With two single-ready songs under their belt, Somehow Still Alive challenge individuals with their “I Am No One”. “I Am No One” is a track that is shorter than anything else on the album by about a minute, and this shortness of length forces the act to compress everything into an eye-popping and mind-blowing exercise in intensity. “Turn Your Back On Me” looks to capitalize on this energy, and does so easily. This track continues to increase listeners’ expectations of Somehow Still Alive while continuing to add to the spirited entity that is “Afterall”. Later tracks, such as “All I Ever Had” and “Acceptance”, continue to add to the enjoyment that listeners will have listening to “Afterall”.

Where it is commonplace to purchase an album and find a number of weak tracks, particularly towards the end of the disc, Somehow Still Alive make sure that the beginning section of “Afterall” is just as strong and memorable as the first few tracks on the album were. The band may be making waves in the Southwest for the time being, but I honestly believe that in a few short years that they will be a national force on the level of a Papa Roach or a Black Tide. Give the disc a go if you like catchy rock music that is never content with itself – Somehow Still Alive continue to innovate and evolve their music with each subsequent second of this album.

Top Tracks: Afterall, The Frontline

Rating: 7.0/10

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  1. I agree, I have this CD and it ROCKS!! I’ve also seen “Somehow Still Alive” live and they are awesome!! Definitely keep your eyes and ears on this band!!!

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