Alive or Dead (DVD)

I really think that the horror films that are picked up by Lionsgate surpass those coming out of any other company in this day and age. Face it, movies in the horror genre are largely gash, and they rehash old stories and plots without getting individuals properly engrossed into the film. Stephen Goetsch is still relatively new in the field of directly, having been linked to Scar (2005) as a producer and Reeseville (2004) and Lady In The Box (2001) as an editor. Maria (Ann Henson, from Plinko’s Place) is one a trip, and ends up finding a decrepit, broken down school bus on the side of the road. Deciding to look a little close at the bus, Maria ends up finding that someone had written “Help Me” on a window. Before Maria can actually do anything, the individual that had merited the “Help Me”, what Maria assumes is the killer takes Maria and the girl that originally wrote “Help Me” on a trip out to the desert.

The twists and turns in the narrative will keep individuals on the edge of their seats, and the realistic acting by all involved show that the best actors may be those that do not have their names in the lights. Any confusion that individuals may have at the end of Alive or Dead is reduced by the presentation of an audio commentary that has present Goetsch as well as producer Paul Koslo (whom viewers might remember from eir roles in Mr. Majestyk, Cleopatra Jones, and The Omega Man) and L. Flint Esquerra (Frank). Rounding out the special features on this DVD, individuals can see into the creative process through a “Behind the Scenes” featurette.

Alive or Dead will draw individuals in through a straight-forward plot and, through the use of amazing shots and realistic acting, keep individuals focused in to the action despite a number of twists and turns in the movie’s narrative. Most people may have missed Scar when it first came out, but aficionados of the horror genre would do well to search out a copy of Alive or Dead when it hits streets on June 17th and to see what Stephen Goetsch is doing in the years and decades to come.

Rating: 8.0/10

Alive or Dead / 2008 Lionsgate / 83 Minutes / /

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Author: James McQuiston

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2 thoughts on “Alive or Dead (DVD)”

  1. i think this is a piece of crap movie why do people waste time creatting crap like this come on at least dont waste viewers time lionsgate is a cheap company and in order to gain good reputattion they should not allow shit like this to hit the movie shelfs its just horrible actors and crappy scens also dumm director

  2. I just watched this with my family and we all thought this was a piece of crap! It was confusing. Made no sense. Thsi may have looked good on paper and in thought but to see it on the screen is a waste of time!

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