Foals – Antidotes (CD)

Fans of Foals’ former acts, The Edmund Fitzgerald and Face Meets Grill, should immediately be fans of Foals’ work. This is not because the work on “Antidotes” is just copying what the individual band members have done in the past, but rather that the work put forth by Foals here is heads and shoulders above the body of work of either predecessor act. “Antidotes” begins with “The French Open”, a track that really sets the stage for the rest of “Antidotes” .

However, it is not until “Ballons” that Foals reach their creative pinnacle during “Antidotes”. The angular, dance-worthy indie rock that the band creates will get individuals out on the dance floor through influences ranging from acts like The Postal Service and Devo while still giving those picky about music something to gnaw on. The interplay between the precise instrumentation and the vocals is an age-old story between mechanical precision and the compelling nature of humanity. However, the track takes a different tack as the two constituent elements unite into something that fits right in with the “wall of sound” style. “Red Socks Pugie” is another one of these standout tracks, pleasing listeners not only through the withdrawn and forlorn vocals but through the thoughtful and dense arrangements that are common during the track.

The atmosphere that is created by Foals during “Red Socks Pugie”, along with the rest of the tracks of “Antidotes”, places them along an elite group that consists of Fugazi, Desert City Soundtrack and The Appleseed Cast. Despite the links that the band has to these acts, there is a thread that runs through “Antidotes” that firmly dates them as an act in the here and now, and it is this connection that will ensure that Foals will play to hundreds, if not thousands of fans, wherever they go. The mixing of organic and electronic, slow and fast, wind-swept musical vistas with a cold desert sound, is the reason why individuals should pick up the Foals’ latest album, “Antidotes”. Make sure to see them the next time that they make it through the United States and make sure to continually check their Myspace to see how the band has grown and changed over the course of their career. Kudos has to go to Sub Pop for bringing such an innovative and talented band to the fore.

Top Tracks: Electric Bloom, Two Steps, Twice

Rating: 8.1/10

Foals – Antidotes / 2008 Sub Pop / 13 Tracks / / /

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