Werewolves, Releases limited edition ES double 7″ in the U.K.

This five-piece Brooklyn-based ensemble brings fierce passion and intense energy to the scene with layered textures of psychedelic vibrations that penetrate the soul. Werewolves are able to capture the vintage feel of the sixties while still creating a sound that is progressive and innovative. The band was founded on coincidences and chance, starting with long–time friends Mike Maio (Guitar) and Turner Halsey (Percussion/Keys/Synths). The duo had been playing together In New Jersey since they were eight and met singer/guitarist Brian Amsterdam through a mutual friend.  Dominic Turri (Drums) was also introduced to them similarly and Kim Arrigo (Bass) met Amsterdam on a train platform en route to Asbury Park from Brooklyn. Having formed on an instant connection, the band now thrives on their diverse tastes and creative aspirations.

Werewolves signed a distribution deal with Cargo Records in London where 500 limited edition copies of their double 7″ ES were released exclusively in Picadilly Records on April 15. They have already received praise from the famous Piccadilly Records and were selected on the website as one of the records of the week. The EP was recorded entirely in analog on ¼” tape by John Davis at The Bunker Studio. This raw style of recording seems to show off their paralyzing, kinetic energy and adds a lot to the aesthetic of their sound. ES is currently slated to be released in the states on June 21, 2008, until then, catch them on their various US tour dates they are set to play this summer.

Piccadilly Records: “A few weeks back a lovely chap called into our shop and left me a 7″ single, this happens a lot. When I got it home it turned out to be really good, this doesn’t happen a lot. Now I have managed to track down the first 2×7″ EP from Werewolves, containing four tracks of their primitive psychedelic indie vibes, it’s a bit garage, a tiny dab of Krautrock (Haunt), some darkness and a fair bit of shoegazery. This is the first release on their label too, straight outta NY and to your front door, via a Piccadilly Records exclusive…”


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