Witless Protection (DVD)

Witless Protection / 2008 Lionsgate / http://www.lionsgate.com

When there is a comedy movie that is the domain of a specific individual (Steve Carell as a dorky guy, Adam Sandler as the clueless guy), the film will likely appeal to a certain subset of viewers. Saying that, (Daniel Whitney) Larry the Cable Guy has been placed into certain roles as the down-home, dimwitted individual. If viewers understand what exactly they are in for, chances will be good that they can appreciate the film much more. Saying that, Witless Protection features Larry the Cable Guy as a sheriff of a small town in Mississippi. Larry Sandler (Larry’s character) has aspirations to be a FBI agent, and this perception colors how ey sees the world.

Thus, when ey sees a well to do individual, Madeline (played by Ivana Milicevic (Head Over Heels, The Plague) with an FBI escort, Larry assumes that Madeline is being coerced into a certain course of action. Feeling that only ey is capable to right this injustice, Larry ends up abducting Madeline. The reason why Madeline was given an FBI escort in the first place is that ey has set up testimony against a crooked businessman (played by Peter Stormare, of Nacho Libre and Animorph). What ends up happening is that a wide array of forces come forth to get Madeline out of Larry’s hand, and numerous hijinks ensue. Aside from the film itself, there are a number of bonus features to round out the DVD. This means that there is a featurette that surrounds the musicians that were featured during the film, along with “Making Witless”, which will provide viewers with further information into the creative process that brought Witless Protection into theaters and onto DVDs.

Finally, there is a breakdown of Larry’s Use of the Analogy that goes more into the unique humor of Larry The Cable Guy, which blends seamlessly the comedian and the character that ey plays in Witless Protection. Again, the humor is at a level that will please fans of Larry the Cable Guy already; if individuals have not found Larry to be funny in the past, chances will be that Witless Protection will not be anything out of the ordinary. However, if you have cracked up at a Larry the Cable Guy show or a joke, some of the humor in Witless Protection may be funny.

Rating: 6.0/10

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