Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation (DVD)

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour was one of the biggest comedy phenomenons of the last decade, and Bill Engvall was a part of it. Ey has realized that to keep the franchise viable, that there needs to be an injection of young blend. Thus, Jamie Kaler, Reno Collier, Juston McKinney and John Caparulo have bee tapped to go forth and keep the Blue Collar Comedy name strong. What results during Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation is thus a solid fifty minutes of humor of the same vein as what originally made Blue Collar Comedy so great. It will take viewers a little bit to get used to the differing styles of Kaler, Collier, McKinney and Caparulo, but the humor is as high of a level (if not higher) than the original Blue Collar Comedy group.

The interviews that are also present on this DVD have quite a few additional gems present, which will have individuals in tears just as they begin to learn further about each new member of the Blue Collar Comedy troupe. I understand that the DVD is just a transfer of the 2007 comedy special of the same name (which originally aired on TBS), but I would have liked to see more footage of each individuals. Perhaps, if this DVD does well enough, Warner Bros Nashville will greenlight a more feature-length type of BCC: TNG, where each individual’s unique comedy stylings will be properly allowed to shine. Here’s to hoping that viewers will be able to appreciate the comedy of these four without always drawing parallels back to Engvall, White, Foxworthy, and Larry The Cable Guy.

If they can do that, the abilities and skills of each of these comedians will come out as clear as day, but if they viewers are just looking for the same jokes but in different bodies, they will be sorely mistaken. Warner Bros Nashville has given viewers the chance to actually see four individuals who will undoubtedly be the next big thing in comedy in a few years’ time. Whether viewers will able to watch the Blue Collar Comedy: TNG sketch and see their talents through expectations based on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour is a personal-level thing, and is sincerely something that I hope will not play into whether viewers will call this special “good”. Give the DVD a go whenever you can, and be prepared to laugh.

Rating: 7.4/10

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