Saving Grace Season One (DVD Set)

Saving Grace is one of the best performing shows that TNT currently has. The show itself is about Grace Hanadarko’s (Holly Hunter, whom individuals may know from eir role in The Piano) life, who has bottomed out pretty hard by the time that individuals first see eir on their screens, hitting and killing a pedestrian after a drunken journey through town Enter in Earl, an angel sent from Heaven in order to change eir life around (what they call a “last chance angel”), to make eir the most useful person that ey can be. The show itself will appeal even more to those individuals that either reside around or live in Oklahoma City, as the show is set in and uses a number of different buildings and other scenery from the city.

The show itself is odd, throwing in religious themes and calls from Earl for Grace to remove eirself from all of the negative behavior that had marked the earlier years of eir life. However, there seems to be a progression of Holly’s character that is simply not present in a number of television shows, both past and present. Actions that are taken in an episode like “Bring It On, Earl” stick with Grace through “And You Wonder Why I Lie” and “Everything’s Got A Shelf Life”. While Fox has not filled this DVD set with a large number of featurettes, what is present on this DVD set is very useful, approaching at times its value in gold. Specifically, the commentary that is placed here (smattered through 5 of the season’s episodes), gives individuals a valuable insight into the creation of Saving Grace, as well as the real life interaction and interplay between each member of the cast.

What I feel to be the most rare in terms of additions to this box set would have to be the Everlast video for the song created explicitly for the show. While there are other featurettes dealing with the behind the scenes types of things, characters themselves (“Rhetta”, which features Laura San Giacomo riffing about eir character), and a discussion with Gary Randall, the executive producer, I still feel that the episode commentaries provide individuals with the most added information. If you like shows like My Name is Earl or even other police or detective shows, I would strongly exhort you to pick up this first season of Saving Grace, and to turn in to the show when the new season premieres – the show plays at Mondays at 10PM Eastern.

Rating: 7.5/10

Saving Grace Season One / 2008 Fox / 576 Minutes / /

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