Marc Martino – A Story (CD)

“Whisper’s Song” begins Martino’s “A Story”. This track is integral in understanding the range of approaches and styles which Martino is capable: in the space of a few minutes, Martino has really done more than many musicians have done in the course of a disc. The track’s five-plus minute runtime places it at the longer end of “A Story”’s tracks, but the calming, serene nature of the track will get listeners of all stripes interested and involved in what Martino will whip up for the disc’s next thirteen cuts. At the other end of the spectrum, “Passion” is a song that has a higher energy and a more challenging set of musical arrangements.

The string and piano-like components to the track begin as opponents, coming together as the track progresses into something that is greater than its constituent parts. “Mystery-oso” adds a little bit of a Latin flair to Martino’s repertoire, while continuing the linear progression that has been the one common component to all of “A Story”’s tracks up to that point. Opening up the second half of “A Story” is “Eldritch Fire”. Where “Mystery-oso” brought in Latin influences, “Eldritch Fire” links together medieval stylings with Arabic and Middle Eastern influences. The resulting track comes forth as incredibly exotic and represents a stand-out track from an album that is chock full of solid songs. “Tamar’s Eyes” showcases the fact that Martino is not limited to any genre or ethnic or cultural approach to music. This is due to the fact that the style first heard during a “Whisper’s Song” is married to a very Native American styling.

This track stands out in a way similar to “Eldritch Fire”, as it speaks not only to fans of New Age music, but rather to anyone that has an appreciation of thoughtful, spiritually-oriented music. Marc Martino has really brought this style of music into the current period, imbuing the timeless nature of these compositions with qualities that make the track equally attractive for fans of contemporary music. There may not be words or more commonplace instruments (guitars, drums) on the compositions of “A Story”, but the unqiue path taken by Martino here ids thee reason why this album is so special. I know that I will be looking for subsequent releases by Martino in the weeks, months, and years to come: if you like good music, you should do that as well.

Top Tracks: Holly, Dim

Rating: 7.8/10

Marc Martino – A Story / 2008 Self / 14 Tracks /

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