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I can see Zach Raizman coming forth with the tracks on “Zach”, his latest EP, on a path that will ultimately place him alongside the Jonas Brothers and Naked Brothers Band as a king of pop. After individuals hear the first track on this eponymous EP, “Superstar” , they will likely come to the same conclusion. “Superstar” links together the pop tradition of a Jesse McCartney and an Aaron Carter with the pop-punk of Blink 182 and Good Charlotte into something that could conceivably be played on pop-oriented radio stations and rock radio alike. Raizman’s lyrics feel much more honest than similar songs released by acts like Simple Plan and Sum 41 because he’s not 26 and singing about teenage matter: he actually walks the walk, as it were.
The production of each of the tracks on “Zach” allows the instrumentation and Raizman’s vocals to shine equally, something that is shown best during the EP’s second track, “Without You”. “Without You” is the slower track, the ballad that will get teenagers all across the world singing along when matters get tough. However, unlike a number of other, similarly-themed tracks that have been released, there is some hint of hope present in the track that will bring a smile across anyone’s face.

Despite the fact that these three cuts are firmly in the pop genre, there is a maturity present to Raizman’s compositions that give me hope that he can maturity in a way not unlike that of a Justin Timberlake in the years and decades to come. The disc finishes up with “Hotter”, which possesses a slinky sound to the vocals that will ensure that each word that Raizman says during the track will be tattooed on the minds and hearts of anyone lucky enough to listen in. “Hotter” represents the third of three possible singles for Raizman, which should tide fans over until the upcoming LP reaches stores, whenever that may be.
While it is true that Raizman has been seen on the national scene in the last few years (through his dealings with musical theatre, CKY, and K-Tel), it will only be a matter of time before Raizman’s vocals are prominently featured on KISS FM, TRL, and any other repository of all things pop. Make a point to pick up this EP and get in on the ground floor, before Raizman reaches the top.

Top Track: Without You

Rating: 8.0/10

Zach Raizman – Zach / 2008 Self /

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