Snow Patrol – “Take Back The City”

With simple rhymes, an ever thickening melody, and the occasional whoa, Snow Patrol is at first unrecognizable until past the first verse of their Geffen released single “Take Back The City”. The chorus explodes into subtle harmonies and a calming vocal display backed by a thick but not overbearing up-tempo beat. The second time through the track, I felt like I was appreciating the vocals in the verses and the overall catchiness of the song way moreso than my first time.

While the lyrics leave me feeling unchallenged, I am overall satisfied with the way that four minutes and eighteen seconds dance right by. The radio edit will definitely have its place with Dave Matthews, Coldplay, and other adult alternative acts on the airwaves. My only uncertainty is that those of us who jammed out to “Chasing Cars” for months will not be able to move past their breakthrough single to embrace “Take Back The City”, but the chance is always out there.

Jam Shawna

Rating: 7.1/10
Snow Patrol A Hundred Million Suns “Take Back The City” / 2008 Geffen / /

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