NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Cardamis

Born in 1979, Greek American singer-songwriter Cardamis is ready to tell his story. Having gotten the opportunity to work and perform with the remaining Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor on there COMEBACK TOUR in 2005, Cardamis was blown away by there commitment to music and there joy of performing exhilarating live shows. He was sure that he had more to offer as an artist. With his self-titled EP, Cardamis does exactly what he set out to do; to share his music. Collaborating with Berlin producer, Guy Sternberg, Cardamis delivers an in your face fusion of GLAM ELECTRONICA POP with R&B influences, and a signature sound that will leave you scratching your head and moving every time you listen to it!

The nearly manic rap and vocals are a motif throughout the three diverse EP tracks, Cutting riffs, throbbing basses, and a variety of elctronic refinements are supported by simple but never simplistic beats, which in turn serve as a platform for CARDAMIS impressive lyrical content. The listener is presented with a driving wall of sound that marches inexorably forward and refuses to let go. Imagine Prince and Radiohead meet at a party! There is no doubt that CARDAMIS is blazing his own path and will continue: Just as he sings on his EPs final track, “I’m gonna do it my way!'”

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