Reverend Charisma Review

“Reverend Charisma”, the new release from Wedlock, was a solid enough song the first time I heard it and gave it the focus that it deserved on the web site (and possibly in a future issue of the magazine). I learned today that Wedlock has stepped their game up and have created a video that will change how listeners (and viewers) understand the song (and the band generally).

The video itself does well in linking together the visuals to the beat, instead of acting like so many other video excursions and going off on a tangent. With nearly 4,000 views (At this current moment), “Reverend Charisma” is on the cusp of becoming one of the next “big things” on the Internet. Furthermore, it showcases the work of an act that far outstrips the work of countless other bands and performing groups at the same stage of development. Make it a point to go and check out their video, whether it be at Spike TV, iTunes, or You Tube, and keep an ear to the ground for when Wedlock releases another single or conducts a tour. Give a spin today and familiarize yourself with Wedlock’s unique style of music now.

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