Bluebeard-Pirate Radio (CD)

Very distinct guitar playing with this pop-punk band. The vocals are very soothing on the nerves, if not as little repetitive. The band seemingly randomly names songs, as “Duran Duran”, the first song on the CD, is about the singer of the song asking for guidance in his life, assumedly from a loved one.

The drummer for the band is not afraid to use different drum beats then what is to be expected from a typical pop-punk band, which Bluebeard is most certainly not. The willingness of the drummer to use odd sounding drum beats is only one of the many odd things with Bluebeard, mother of these being the inclusion of a 5th member. If so, what does he do? And why is there a question mark by Pats name.

The vocals on this CD are simply great, and sound like the vocalist has had professional singing lessons, which brings me to another point. The recording on this EP is simply great, as I was expecting much less from the relatively Spartan appearance of the outside of the cd case. This is the problem with reviewing things at 1 AM, as I just not got why they have a 5-member band (10 minutes into the CD), having 2 guitarist, bassist, drummer, and singer. Email them at or to their website at


Bluebeard-Pirate Radio

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