Peanuts: Snoopy’s Reunion (DVD)

It is nice to see that a number of the Peanuts specials are making it to a remastered format on DVD, rather than having to be traded around different collectors until the video quality permanently degrades. Warner Brothers has done a bang-up job here coming forth with a clear and crisp rendition of this Peanuts special, while going and ensuring that there are more than enough in the way of bonus features for individuals that may already have the main part of the video.

Most particular of these additions would have to be “Flashbeagle”, originally shown in 1984 and blending together elements of Flashdance and Saturday Night Fever. The quality of Flashbeagle is surprisingly sharp considering the fact that it has not been aired in significant count (if at all) in the twenty five years since it was originally shown.

Where a number of different film companies would charge full price for this DVD, the shorter run time of “Snoopy’s Reunion” was enough of a concern for Warner Home Video to cut about $10 off of the normal price for the release, meaning that in some cases individuals will be able to purchase the title for under $15.

Here’s to hoping that Warner Brothers continues to release Peanuts-related material; if your wish is the same as mine, go forth and purchase Snoopy’s Reunion and show Warner Brothers that they can make some loot off of the types of releases.

Rating: 8.6/10

Peanuts: Snoopy’s Reunion / 2009 Warner Home Video / 23 Minutes /

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