Beneath The Flesh (DVD)

Believe me, there are some horrible horror films that are release every year, and these films can come from anywhere; big studies like Lionsgate and Fox make them just as the creepy people down the street do. Something that is more rare to see than anything would have to be a good and innovative horror film in this day and age, and “Beneath The Flesh” is one of them. There are a number of short stories present in the boundaries of the film, meaning that viewers will get their shot at five different films. “The Child” may just be the most interesting of these mini-films, as it showcases a sense of despite the presence of death being around the main character.

“The Insides” is another mini-film along this vein, as an individual feels as if there is something deep inside, taking sustenance and growing larger with each moment. Kaplan really brings a sense of reality with each of these films. Sure, there are situations that simply cannot happen in real life, but each of the individuals portrayed here have some fear that incapacitates them in some way. In much the same way, practically anyone living today is incapacitated at some point by the same horrors; while it may not be a parasite as such, it is just as real.

There are a few bonus features on this DVD, primary of which would have to be an interview conducted with the director that is able to answer some of the questions that viewers of Beneath The Flesh will have after watching the film. The storyboards / still gallery feature is a great insight into the mind’s eye of the director, as viewers will try to see exactly how the director wanted the film to turn out and how the film actually did turn out.

Rating: 7.9/10

Beneath The Flesh / 2009 Pathfinder Home Entertainment / 72 Minutes /

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