Boykillboy – Civilian

Boykillboy play a blend of styles that links them to acts like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand. “Back Again” is a very angular type of track that uses a synthesizer to give Boykillboy a style that will make them the darlings of the Top of the Pops circuit when the album drops. “On and On” has more of the same style, with the vocals taking duties front and center. “Suzie” is yet another track that Boykillboy is able to make into a single. “Suzie” may just be the pinnacle of the tracks on “Civilian”, as it has that sing-songy chorus that will remind listeners of acts like Hot Hot Heat.

The cold energy of “Civilian” does not dissipate during “Six Minutes”, as the band brings individuals back to the dance floor even as hints of indie rock intersperse themselves through the track. The emotional content of “Civilian” is increased during “Six Minutes”, as there is an instrumental interlude that shows that the band can do more besides just come up with hooky melodies and bouncy tracks. The style of dance rock that Boykillboy create for “Civilian” is not of the same style as say The Sounds, but to just rip off the latter band’s style would not doing much for Boykillboy anyways.

Mix together Franz Ferdinand, Duran Duran, New Order, and The Sounds and one will have a little idea about how Boykillboy sounds. Boykillboy go back even further into the vault with “Ivy Parker”, tying together the clean rock of the sixties with a little bit of the seventies lounge singer. Boykillboy is one of the shock troops bringing a new style of music to the masses of listeners; this new style relies heavily on older styles for influence, and it is this grounding that makes Boykillboy so attractive to new listeners. Boykillboy is a band that will break it big, but it will only be time that tells whether they will be international superstars or merely show up on the charts on the NME. The disc ends quickly; while it would have filled up both sides of an album, the length is something that could conceivably be bolstered by the inclusion of a track or two more or a DVD showing some other footage. “Civilian” is an album that is solid, and the secret track “Exit” is a nice second ending for an album that gracefully ends, rather than just stops without winding down.

Top Tracks: Exit, Friday – Friday

Rating: 7.0/10

Boykillboy – Civilian / 2006 Island / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 22 July 2006


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