Bratz – Forever Diamondz (CD)

My sister was a little too old to be smitten with Bratz dolls, and I am not close enough to any member of my extended family that would have had them. I worked at Kmart and had to stock toys some times, so I was familiar with the dolls. However, until I received this CD, I was unaware that Bratz did anything music-related. “Forever Diamondz” makes sense as an album; what better way to make more cash of your bottom line than by sticking in singers into a studio and crank out some pre-teen pop? The tracks are something similar to what a Cheetah Girls or an earlier iteration of Hilary (Hayley?) Duff would do.

The CD has enough tracks present to incite little girls into fits of singing whenever the disc comes on. A tack like “Ooooh Fashion” blends together the pop of acts like Britney Spears with the R&B of individuals like Beyonce. The tracks do enjoy a high amount of cohesion throughout the entirety of the disc, to the degree that the album could be divested of its Bratz’s logoing and individuals would most likely pick it up.

The tracks are a little more rough and “real” than the typical Barbie music, which makes sense given the push by Bratz to come out as a newer, hipper alternative to the fifty-year Mattel line. The fact is there that none of the songs on the disc will make it onto radio, but Bratz will nonetheless sell a high number of copies. Including a bracelet with the special edition of the disc will only increase these numbers further. The marketing strategy behind this disc is solid, and the music is nothing to sneeze at, either. I do not knw what the rest of the Bratz albums sound like, but taking this album as indicative of the entire series, the children listening to this music could be listening to a hell of a lot worse. Individuals will not come down twenty years from now and declare this a revolutionary album, but for fun music that is not cookie cutter, Bratz’ “Forever Diamondz” may just be the album to pick up for your preteen. Hell, if you can keep the CD and case in good condition, there seems to be potential for this to become a collectable in the years to come. Pick it up if you’ve got a girl under 12 in your house.

Top Tracks: My Attitude, Express Yourself

Rating: 6.0/10

Bratz – Forever Diamondz / 2006 Hipo / 14 Tracks / / / Reviewed 04 November 2006


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