Penn & Teller B.S.! – The Complete Sixth Season

After six seasons, you know where you stand with the often polarizing duo of Penn & Teller and their sacred cow tipping Showtime series Bull Shit! For those easily offended and potentially horrified for the group’s crass, profanity-laced, straight-to-the-point documentaries… well change the channel. For those with an open mind however, the series is entertainingly addictive and season six, now on DVD, is no different.

Penn & Teller tackle 10 different topics in the half hour episodes, covering everything from The War on Porn to World Peace. Not every episode is a winner, like the lame segment “Dolphins” refuting whether the mammals are magical and/or extraterrestrial. Skewering a few fringe wackos is not nearly as entertaining as going after the majority opinion. The episodes that tackle topics that a majority cling to as true, like the assumption that the good ol’ days were really better than the present (“Good Ol’ Days” episode) and whether homeopathic remedies are just as likely to cure you as traditional scientific-backed medicine (“New Age Medicine”) are far stronger. Yes, the longtime partners are abrasive and they certainly take almost every opportunity to take cheap shots at the targets they expose, but they make some good points and use humor as a stellar tool to chip away at popular misconceptions.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Penn & Teller B.S.! – The Complete Sixth Season / DVD / 2009 / CNS DVD / 4 hrs., 30 min.

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