Ralphie May – Austin-tatious (DVD)

Ralphie May, as viewers may recall, was associated with the first season of Last Comic Standing. I would contend that out of all the contestants from all of the years of the show (which was just cancelled), that Ralphie May has enjoyed the most success. In my opinion, I would have to say that Ralphie May comes with the freshest act and exhibits the most raw comedic potential. “Austin-tatious” showcases these strong comedic skills, while having stellar video and audio to ensure that viewers will feel as if they were part of the original performance.

Couple that with the fact that ey has not been in eir share of poor movies like so many other current comedians (Angie Lange, Norm McDonald), and I came in to watching Austin-tatious as excited as I could be. The 90-plus minutes thatr comprise Austin-tatious show all sides of Ralphie May, whether it is through a very witty type of comedy or busting out politically-incorrect views. May’s strongest syuit would have to be how eir keeps things fresh: there really is not a part in eir stand-up that could be seen as dragging or is any less in quality than ey is capable.

The biggest test for me as a new Ralphie May fan would be to go out and see a live set or watch some other recorded material to determine whether ey can come up with the same impressive type of comedy. I feel, that from the run that ey enjoys during the entirety of Austin-tatious, that Ralphie May may just be one of those comedians that are able to continue boldly forth with their career without turning into something that is really sad. Keep an eye on May and on Image in the next year; good things will come from both.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ralphie May – Austin-tatious / 2009 Image / 99 Minutes / http://www.image-entertainment.com

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