Common Rider – This is Unity Music (CD)

For all the different opinions I’ve heard about this band and this album in particular, I still find it easiest to completely shuck all pre-established thought about the band and start completely fresh. So, I sat in my room and put the disc on repeat, and I am currently writing this as the disc plays through for the fifth straight time. At first listen, I noticed a lot of similarity to other major bands, such as 311 and Sublime, but as the tracks cycled through over and over again, the differences between Common Rider and those types of bands really began to show, and the essence that is Common Rider became very apparent. The band may sound superficially similar to other popular acts, but the bands they’ve been influenced by, their sound, everything, is so much different from anything else that has been placed out on the market. Common Rider’s music may be the ultimate in getting a party starting, or to get those tushes moving, but the messages that are interlaced in the music add a dimension to the band that sadly not many people will ever hear from them. Simply put, this is music that really matches the talent placed into the writing of the lyrics, and the entire package really goes down much too easy. Subliminal messages are placed without a single subliminal message being present, as the ear catches on the music before it ever has a chance to digest the lyrics. Pick this album up from any independent record store.

Rating : 8.6/10

Common Rider – This is Unity Music

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