Crime In Stereo – Fuel. Transit. Sleep. (CD)

The clarity in which Crime In Stereo constructs their tracks on this EP is simply amazing; everything is meshed together perfectly to allow a track with a speedy tempo and hard-hitting beats the same ease of discovery as the average pop-punk sound. The speed does not slow during “I’m On The Guestlist Motherfucker”, where Crime In Stereo assumes a slightly Rise Against meets Strike Anywhere type of sound. The gritty set of vocals found ends soon after; “Guestlist” does not even make it to the ninety second mark. Finishing off the EP with “When The Women Come Out To Dance”, Crime In Stereo bash out these tracks in record time (under six minutes).

For the new fans, there just is not that much in the way of material to latch onto; what is here is definitely impressive but not enough to get a proper feel for the band. All of the tracks will be on “The Trouble Stateside”, so I’m guessing that Kristian and the rest of the band will cut about ten or so other tracks in the same vein. Hopefully other individuals that find Crime in Stereo for the first time will make that same logical leap and pick up “The Troubled Stateside” here when it comes out. After a few listens, there are a few nuances that give themselves up to the patient listener. This means that a bass line will go and reveal itself to all listeners after the first few listens; what is essentially six minutes of music will be worthwhile for many listens.

The guitar work comes through as fresh as it did the first listen; the production seems a little heavy on the guitar and vocals but there are some vital times when the drums are allowed coming through. Each track is ready for radio or the next Tony Hawk game but there is not the corresponding lack of soul that usually is a requirement of bands on either form of media. “Slow Math” comes out as the most solid of the three, but the comparison is really among different types of apples instead of apples and oranges. There is not the stand out hit on this EP as I feel that there will not be a stand out hit on the LP; all the tracks will conform to the same high quality the band set up at the beginning of the disc.

Top Track: Slow Math

Rating: 6.5/10

Crime In Stereo – Fuel. Transit. Sleep. / 2005 Nitro / 3 Tracks / / / Reviewed 25 December 2005


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