Cruiserweight – Sweet Weaponry (CD)

Coming through like an actually-female singer like Claudio (a fake-female singer) from Coheed and Cambria, Cruiserweight’s “Sweet Weaponry” comes through in an intense way, even if it is a little on the sterile side. “Vermont” is a track that sounds like it should be in the middle of the disc, in the sense that Cruiserweight is already at the top of their game, and with their incorporation of Sean Neil’s vocals, I did not know personally what realms they still needed to conquer after the track. Each track comes through with the same intense instrumentation, which will wow anyone regardless of their tastes in music. A track like “Passible” bridges the gap between punk, alt-rock, and the stylistic nuances of rap-rock, while the much more sedate and traditional “Phantom Rider” has ever-present bass lines mixing masterfully with Postal Service-esque synth lines. Cruiserweight has been around for six years, and the level at which they create the music on “Sweet Weaponry” is beyond anything people can hope for. The music is Clearchannel and MTV friendly but is not divorced from the tremendous ability needed to build a national fanbase.

Some of the tracks on “Sweet Weaponry”, while still hpolding the same general sound that permeates the disc, really seem to not contribute much in the way to the disc. For example, “Operation Eyes Closed’ used long, strung-out vocals tied together with shrill guitar riffs to make for a highly dramatic track, but nothing on the track really shows anything new with Cruiserweight. Creating some new energy for “Permanent Things”, largely through the start-stop instrumentation found on the disc, Cruiserweight does try their hardest to continual update their song. The bridge on the track, largely strung together with the on-the-dot drumming present, attaches two incredibly catchy earworms. Layering the vocals on “Permanent Things” to an almost absurd degree, Cruiserweight makes for a strong, late-disc rally.

Cruiserweight’s disc is a heavy work that takes much intestinal fortitude to get through, and this is not saying that the album is bad in any sense of the term. The immense sound present on the disc and exactly how much is going on at any given time is what will make this disc perfect fodder for slapping on a pair of headphones and zoning out. If Cruiserweight can sound this full after only six years, there is no limit to the amazing nature of their music five or ten years for now. Keep checking them out.

Top Tracks: Vermont, Permanent Things

Rating: 6.6/10

Cruiserweight – Sweet Weaponry / 2005 Heinous Records / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 14 March 2005

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