John Adams (Blu-Ray)

I feel that a number of individuals that were important to the foundation of these United States get shorted on coverage in American history textbooks if their names are not George Washington or Benjamin Franklin. HBO’s John Adams miniseries looks to rectify this issue, and the Blu-Ray version of the release ensures that this series will not be forgotten anytime soon. For those that missed out on the miniseries, Paul Giamatti drops the Sideways exterior and slides in to the titular role, while Laura Linney (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) is eir wife, Abigail.

The show itself is based on David McCullogh’s book about Adams, and was shot both in Virginia and Hungary; the sets themselves are engrossing, seeming to be to be as close to the period in which the actions taken during the seven constituent parts took place. The Blu-Ray cut of this series seems to me to be actually sharper than when the show was first aired; the audio quality is similarly strong, ensuring that viewers do not miss out in the slightest the impressive dialogue present. HBO needs to do more in the way of these historical dramas; where most individuals that have read any amount of American history will know many of the facts put forth here, I feel that the acting and direction of Tom Hooper really will tattoo information deep into the brain of anyone that may be watching in.

Whether viewers are seeing how the Boston Massacre lays out, the tension in the meetings regarding the Declaration of Independence, Adams’ work in trying to compel European nations to support the fledgling United States, or even Abigail’s death, there is a sort of awe-struck gravity present. John Adams may just be the best historical miniseries to be created, and I have little doubt in my mind that it will be used for high school history classes for the next twenty-five years. There is more than enough here to keep viewers of all stripes interested, so if one has even the slightest predilection for historical television, make sure to pick up this release.

Rating: 9.0/10

John Adams (Blu-Ray) / 2009 HBO / 501 Minutes /

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