The Blackout – The Best In Town (CD)

“STFUppercut” is a fast bit of hardcore punk that never lets listeners take a break. However, unlike many of the bands that bring fury but little in the way of harmony, The Blackout is able to tie all constituent elements together to make for a sound that will appease all. “Save Our Selves” has all the trappings of a track that will be played on any rock station this summer. The band works perfectly together, with the vocals being properly bolstered by the resulting arrangement.

Hints of Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, and even Aiden comes forth as the band shows a distinctly different side to themselves than was present during “STFUppercut”. The bombastic drums deserve even more praise; they really set the track off and give it that “big time” air that is required of any modern hitmaker. “Children of the Night” kicks things into high gear, tying together the melodic sound broached during “Save Our Selves” with a downright brutal bit of hardcore that is manifested most clearly with the vocals. At some point, what The Blackout is left with is yet another hit on their hands. The chorus is what sells the track most, though: whether it is the band or the children repeating the song title, few will find it possible to not sing along. “Silent (When We Speak)” shows that The Blackout can do a slower song and still succeed.

In fact, the fact that this track starts off so slowly really gives listeners the opportunity to hear the nuance present in The Blackout’s music. The band is able to go beyond the work of acts like Papa Roach because there is this dynamism present, and if I dare say it, some sort of honesty here that is not present in the other act’s music. The Blackout touch all bases when it comes to rock, and “The Best In Town” is a wild array of different approaches, sounds, and styles. At the end, listeners will have a solid idea about the band, and be eagerly anticipating where they will go next. At least, that’s how I feel.

Top Tracks: Save Our Selves, I Love Myself and I Wanna Live

Rating: 8.0/10

The Blackout – The Best In Town / 2009 Epitaph / 10 Tracks / /

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