The Conduit (Nintendo Wii)

The Conduit may just upend Goldeneye as my favorite first-person shooter. This Sega-released title is one that truly pushes the Wii to its breaking point, both in regard to the graphics and the audio quality. Furthermore, the control scheme that has been mapped to the Wiimote is nothing short of amazing, establishing an intuitive way to control one’s character. The ability to further customize the control scheme allows players to work under a scheme that they prefer, which is essential considering the difficulty at points of the title.
Where a number of first-person shooters are perfectly fine settling into a singular genre, The Conduit effortlessly ties together puzzler elements to the rich first-person experience. The replay value of The Conduit may just be the highest of any shooter that we have reviewed here at NeuFutur, due primarily to the multiplayer option that is present.

With this, up to 12 people can enter into a quick-paced deathfest, which may at points actually increase upon the difficulty that players are used to. Coming back to the customizability of the title, the set of different weapons that players can pick up represent two distinct strains of thought. First off, there are weapons here that have been present in some format in previous titles in the genre (USP45, SPAS 12), while Sega has incorporated some thought in crafting unique weapons (Warp Pistol, Deatomizer).

In much the same way, the design of the different enemies in The Conduit represent styles and approaches taken that are both well-versed and completely out of left field. What results is such a diverse array of different things to waste that players will not be bored in the slightest, no matter how far they may be in the title. I would love to see where Sega goes in the future with Conduit releases, and Wii fans should rejoice that there is finally a great first-person shooter to be had on the platform. Simply put, The Conduit is one of the best titles ever for the Wii, and has to be considered a serious challenger for the title of best game of the year.

Rating: 9.2/10

The Conduit (Nintendo Wii) / 2009 Sega /

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