Kim Lenz “Zombie for your Love” Video

“If Elvis had been a woman, he probably would have sounded just like Dallas-ite Kim Lenz…” — Rolling Stone

In Kim Lenz’s exceptional video for “Zombie for your Love” (feel free to post!), she takes her intended on a full moon date to the wildest bar in town and shows him why she’s “not like other girls.”! The first video from her new album “It’s All True” is a zombie short with a nod to “Thriller”. The “Thriller” video references 50s B-movies and since Kim’s music is firmly rooted in the American music and iconography of that era, she wanted to reclaim it and give a nod to both. The video was directed by Morgan Higby Night and was filmed in Los Angeles. The video was started in June before Michael Jackson’s passing.

Kim Lenz has established herself as much more than just the top modern rockabilly songstress with a pair of widely praised albums for Hightone Records and rapturously received performances across the world. She embodies everything that is thrilling, provocative, and rebellious about rock’s origins. In the spirit of the adventure and independence that runs through her music, the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter-guitarist has started her own label to release her third album It’s All True!, which she also produced.

The album is a flaming slab of fuel-injected contemporary rockabilly that shows off Kim’s romp-stomping vocal chops and the wide scope of her playing and songwriting. “Touch Me” starts things off with an instantly memorable hook that sounds as dangerous as it is sexy. “Zombie For Your Love” innovatively marries a hillbilly vocal melody to B-movie imagery. The honeyed and melancholic “I Break A Heart Every Night” slows things down before “Shined Up and Ready to Shout” ends the album with a rumble that invites you to the wildest night out of the year! The album has the spirit of the great female rockabilly pioneers like Wanda Jackson and the late Janis Martin, with whom Lenz has shared many a stage, and adds to it Kim’s inimitable voice that can switch from seductive to heartbroken to gritty within the span of a single song.

Kim Lenz and the Jaguars will support It’s All True with a world tour beginning in the US this summer. Kim Lenz is also hosting a radio show series called “Rockabilly 101” on Devil’s Night Radio .

Upcoming Live Dates:
08/08: Houston, TX @ Continental Club
08/20: Senigallia, Ancona @ Summer Jamboree, 9 pm

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