Mathilde Liqueur Orange X.O (80 Proof)

The Mathilde Liqueur Orange X.O may seem to some to be yet another triple sec on the market, but I feel that the spirit is much more similar to a Grand Marnier than a Combier. Of course, the orange flavor is the focal point of the spirit, but I feel that the taste is much more nuanced than that. While the nose is based off of the orange base of the liqueur, a more woodsy and earthy set of notes are also present. When one is actually able to sip the liqueur, the orange does remain at the top of the noticeable flavors, but subsequent sips will bring out notes present in the nose, or even something resembling a butterscotch taste. The heavy alcohol content (80 proof) of the Mathilde Orange makes the spirit a possible “shooter” experience, with the orange masking just slightly the burn that follows soon after. This is an admirable way to consume the spirit, but I personally feel that it shines brighter when it is used as a sipping or mixing agent.

While sipping would be the best way to distinguish the different flavors present, a few different recipes call for (and are benefitted considerably by the inclusion of) the Mathilde Liqueur. Key of these would have to be the Raspberry Cosmopolitan, which ties together equal measures of the Mathilde Framboise, Orange, and Cranberry Juice with six measures Raspberry Vodka (they mention the Citadelle Raspberry, but I believe that any type of similarly-flavored vodka would do well). A second drink recipe has the Mathilde Orange take the place of the triple sec typically present in a Margarita, something that I have found really cleans up the taste of the drink.

For those that liked the approach taken by Mathilde Liqueur in the creation of their Orange X.O, give one of their other varieties a spin. Whether it be their Peches (Peach), Cassis (Currant), Arabica (Coffee), or Framboise (Raspberry), one should be confident that there will be the same sort of quality present. At a hair under $20, there is really no reason that individuals that are into fruit-infused spirits should not let their curiosity get the better of them.

Rating: 8.5/10

Mathilde Liqueur Orange X.O (80 Proof) / / Imported By W.J. Deutsch & Sons

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