In Cadeo – Making Our Graves (CD)

Yet another indie band from Brooklyn? Yup, only this one seems to have placed a stronger emphasis on the songs than their image. In a music scene as cluttered as Brooklyn, it takes a pretty amazing band to stand out above the fray, and In Cadeo just happen to have the songs to back up all the adulation that should be coming their way shortly.

The unsigned indie band has just put out Making Our Graves, their first full length, sounding a bit like The National and XTC, if Elliott Smith were writing their songs. Tracks like “Communist Lecture” and “Congregation” sound both fresh and familiar at the same time. Employing everything from chimes and a glockenspiel to accordion and moog, you have to go back to Vampire Weekend or the first Arcade Fire record to find a debut album this enjoyable from the first listen.

In Cadeo almost makes up for all those other dreadful Brooklyn bands that Pitchfork will try and force you to listen to over the next few years.

Top tracks: “Communist Lecture” and “Congregation”

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

In Cadeo – Making Our Graves/CD/2009/9 tracks/Self-Released/

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