Prospect Hill – S/T (CD)

“A Patriot’s Anthem” is a great introduction to Prospect Hill, as it allows listeners to see every part of the act work together in the creation of a memorable track. Prospect Hill skillfully moves through emo, rock, and even metal over the course of a few short minutes, all while the extraordinarily charismatic vocals hit on all cylinders. The production, while not as important as the performances of Prospect Hill themselves, is similarly strong. This means that each instrumental element is given a proper spotlight, rather than acting at crosspurposes with the rest of the band.
“Secret Me” is a much more emotive type of track, allowing listeners to experience another side of Prospect Hill. Rather than making a direct ploy to fans of a lighter sound, Prospect Hill craft a unique type of track that is epic in terms of styles broached and overall output. In much the same way as “A Patriot’s Anthem”, “Secret Me” has that extra shot in the arm provided by the strong vocal side of the act. “Superhero” represents yet another hit for Prospect Hill; it is the instrumentation this time, and particularly the guitar shines here, that will draw attention to the act.

Of all of the tracks on this self-titled release, I feel that “Dirty Mother” may be the one that converts the most fans. The track is difficult as it does show a considerably different piece of Prospect Hill than had been previously present, but the band is able to use their skill to bring this rougher-edged track in line with the rest of the album. The bombastic drumming and Tool-like guitars will ensure that listeners will be whipped up into a frenzy well after the disc closes up. “Into The Light” is a track that brings together these disparate elements and represents in microcosm form what exactly the band stands for; it is yet another required listen for those that wish to know more about the band at this point in their career. Make sure to pick up Prospect Hill’s self-titled release when it hits stores on September 25th; you will be blown away.

Top Tracks: A Patriot’s Anthem, Into The Light

Rating: 8.4/10

Prospect Hill – S/T / 2009 Self / /

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