The Heavy US Tour Dates

Noid, England bandits The Heavy have found a kindred spirit in the brazen, fast-and-loose swagger of HBO’s ‘Entourage.’ The band was recently featured in Spin Magazine as a ‘Hot New Band’ – and with a full set of US tour dates booked, and a new album waiting in the wings, the boys from Noid are ready to catch fire.

11/2 || World Café Live || Philadelphia, PA
11/4 || Club Metronome || Burlington, VA
11/5 || Great Scott || Boston, MA
11/7 || 92Y Tribeca || New York, NY


SANGRE, who hail from California’s Inland Empire area, have recently taken to the studio with MIKEY DOLING (Soulfly, SNOT). The recording sessions yielded two new tracks that any fan of metal should enjoy: “Serpentor,” and “Forever I.” The tracks are available for streaming via the band’s ReverbNation profile, located at

Vocalist Henry Sanchez described the collaborative process: “[Mikey] heard things that we as a band don’t normally hear because we are used to it. The songs were already “done” in our opinion but he made suggestions that when tried out gave our songs a new life and energy. We are always open minded to new things, experimentation, etc…. Mikey’s credibility and background made it that much easier for us to listen and really open up our minds even more to try his ideas. He knows his shit!!!”

You can catch SANGRE playing shows in the southern California area this fall.

Nov 1 2009 The Whisky A Go Go Hollywood, California

Nov 14 2009 The Vibe Riverside, California

Nov 27 2009 J Dee’s Landing Palm Springs, California

Nov 28 2009 The Juggernaut Gallup, New Mexico


For more information:

The Faux – Self-Titled (CD)

Imagine Jello Biafra being introduced to Atari Teenage Riot and Coal Chamber. Well, that is probably the least inaccurate comparison I could make for The Faux, so I guess we can keep it. Until the very digitized vocals of Jo come creeping into the track, I am personally not sure whether or not The Faux stole “Instrumental”, the second track, from a Nintendo game’s midi program. “Cold and Mechanical” is everything but that, the rich synth beat of the track is definitely catch and Jo’s vocals on the track actually move slightly away from the unabashed Jello Biafra-ripoff into having some form of melody. Continuing riding the wave of “Cold and Mechanical” into the next track, “Anonymous ID”, The Faux journey more into the digital hardcore of bands like Lolita Storm and the aforementioned Atari Teenage Riot. Rush comes out of the hole they’ve been hiding in since Vapor Trails fell off the Billboard charts to make a guest appearance on “Love Lust Lies”, a track which again morphs the paradigm in which the listener hears The Faux.

“Love Lust Lies” incorporates the Nintendo-style of synthesizer playing with a much more bottomed out, dirty-feeling set of lines. Jo’s vocals during this track are much more clear during this track and do not suffer as much from the nasal delivery of the previous songs. The breakdown during the last few seconds of “Love Lust Lies” is much too short : it is like a heroin addiction, each shot makes you want more. While synth-driven bands are becoming all the rage on the East Coast, the most interesting of these bands embrace the darker edges of all of their influences. Take The Flesh and The Faux as two of these bands. While The Faux might not be as dance-themed as The Flesh, The Faux create their own style of dance music with the incorporation of a late seventies/early eighties punk set of vocals and synth lines eerily reminiscent of Nintendo games.

Putting out product that is seemingly beyond their means (their website is nothing more than a page on a website for a dance club, and their e-mail is on yahoo), The Faux really make an EP that is catchy while not being too saccharine. This is truly dance music for The Matrix – dark, dank, connected all up with wires and plug-ins, driving beneath the constructed reality and creating their own. Fly on, Fauxers!

Top Tracks : Cold and Mechanical, Love Lust Lies

The Faux – Self-Titled / 5 Songs / 2003 Tarantulas Records / / / Reviewed 28 July 2003 / Released 29 July 2003

ENSIFERUM Unveil New Mobile Application

Finnish Viking metallers ENSIFERUM are pleased to unveil Mobile Twilight Tavern, the virtual hotline between fans and the band from anywhere in the world. Hear what happens on the road and in the backrooms exclusively through your mobile phone, in real time. In addition to viewing and sharing videos, pictures and messages, you can comment and rate material and also connect with other fans. Step into this secret world and have ENSIFERUM in your pocket, but at your own risk, because you never know what awaits once you ride with these sword-wielding Finns!

Mobile Twilight Tavern is compatible with most Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones as well as many LGs and Samsungs. iPhone and Nokia touch screen versions will be published later this year. To download the application, follow this link:

ENSIFERUM will return to North America in November for a full headlining tour. Support will be provided by Hypocrisy, Ex Deo, Blackguard and Swashbuckle (on select dates). The tour will coincide with the release of the band’s long anticipated new full-length, From Afar.

ENSIFERUM w/ Hypocrisy, Ex Deo, Blackguard and Swashbuckle
11/06/2009 Jaxx – Springfield, VA w/ Swashbuckle
11/07/2009 Crocodile Rock – Allentown, PA w/ Swashbuckle
11/08/2009 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
11/09/2009 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
11/10/2009 – Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/11/2009 AKA Lounge (part of the Anti*Pop Music Festival)
Orlando, FL
11/13/2009 Meridian – Houston, TX
11/14/2009 Emo’s – Austin, TX
11/15/2009 Ridglea Theatre- Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
11/17/2009 Galaxy Theatre – Santa Ana, CA
11/18/2009 Key Club – Los Angeles, CA
11/19/2009 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
11/20/2009 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
11/21/2009 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
11/22/2009 Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC
11/23/2009 Warehouse – Calgary, AB
11/24/2009 Starlite – Edmonton, AB
11/26/2009 The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB
11/27/2009 The Rock – Minneapolis, MN
11/28/2009 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
11/29/2009 House of Blues – Chicago, IL
11/30/2009 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
12/01/2009 Opera House – Toronto, ON w/ Swashbuckle
12/02/2009 Imperial – Quebec City, QC w/ Swashbuckle
12/03/2009 Medley – Montreal, QC w/ Swashbuckle
12/04/2009 The Palladium – Worcester, MA w/ Swashbuckle
12/05/2009 Irving Plaza – New York, NY w/ Swashbuckle

In addition, ENSIFERUM recently shot a video for the song “From Afar.” Check it out here:

Thursday/Dillinger Escape Plan/Fake Problems Tour

12/04 – Farmingdale NY / The Crazy Donkey
12/05 – Syracuse NY / Lost Horizon
12/06 – Montreal QC / Foufounes Electriques
12/07 – Toronto ON / The Mod Club
12/09 – Poplar Grove IL / Chubby Rain House of Tunes
12/10 – Grand Rapids MI / The Intersection
12/11 – Covington KY / The Mad Hatter
12/12 – Sauget IL / Pop’s
12/14 – Millvale PA / Mr. Small’s Theatre
12/15 – Baltimore MD / Otto Bar
12/16 – Richmond VA / Canal Club Downstairs Lounge
12/17 – Allentown PA / Crocodile Rock
12/18 – Clifton Park NY / Northern Lights
12/19 – Cambridge MA / The Middle East Downstairs

The Fat Tones – Fat At You (CD)

From people aged 5 to 80, you can not believe how much praise I had already heard about this EP even before I was given a copy by Danny Boyer, a member of the band. Not having any contact information or a tracklist, it was sheer luck that I saw Danny at another local show, so if you happen to see any errors, they are all his problems. Seriously. “Full Service” begins the CDR, and it has the oddest time signatures of pretty much any disc that I’ve been lucky enough to hear, but the typical bopping horn section necessary for a ska act. The chorus of “Full Service” almost acts as a Transplants-style rap, with enough speaking to make individuals think the band members are rapping, but enough harmony to make people wonder. “Dancing In The Night” is a virtual clone of “Full Service”, with only slight shuffling of the horn part and the addition of a more brash style of guitar work. While I understand that this disc was produced with the most love and quality that the act could come up with, some issues still arise with the recording. First off, the guitars are at a level that are almost unheard, and the quality of the vocals really depend on the song. For example, the more screamed out/powerful vocals in “Cause I’m Fat” sound more presentable, and less tinny, than in either “Full Service” or “Dancing in the Night”.

“Double “O” Nothing” moves back to having the slightly-shuffled typical horn line at times, but does add a few important equations to the mix : the tweaked-out bass line and a horn solo that is eerily reminiscent of the goof-off psuedo-cover of “Earth Angel” at the beginning of the mix. By far, The Fat Tones save the best of the disc for last, in “Transvestite Land”. “Transvestite Land” is the most coherent song of the mix, sounding like a mixture of two fallen local bands, Have You Seen Lucky? and Caffeine Dependent. A radio single, if I had ever heard one. If The Fat Tones continue with the direction they were going in “Transvestite Land”, there could be no limit for how talented or famous they could be.

Top Tracks : “Double “O” Nothing” –and- “Transvestite Land”

Rating : 6.2/10

The Fat Tones – Fat At You / 5 Tracks / 2003 Self-Released / Reviewed : 21 July 2003

October 31 – Boise, ID @ The Venue November 01 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven November 02 – Spokane, WA @The Blvd November 05 – Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk November 06 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Farm November 07 – Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza Pub November 08 – Temecula, CA @ The Vault November 10 – Fresno, CA @ The Starline November 11 – Palmdale, CA @ The Crossing November 12 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

Los Angeles based LoveHateHero have announced they will join Eyes Set To Kill’s previously announced Revolver sponsored headlining tour. The band is currently touring in support of their recently released new album, “America Underwater”, which hit stores this week through Ferret Records.

LoveHateHero’s third full length release focuses more on its well-developed vocal melodies and cleanly polished hooks, clearly showing a band that has matured and hit its stride. If storming the Internet with 10 brand new anthems isn’t enough, LoveHateHero has also released its brand new video for the title track off of “America Underwater”. Shot in Lake Mohave, AZ this past summer, the clip was directed by Spence Nicholson (Hollywood Undead, Hit the Lights, The Devil Wears Prada) and can be viewed online at

Eyes Set To Kill is currently supporting their sophomore album, “The World Outside”, which was released through BreakSilence Recordings. Lyrically “The World Outside” is like an unguarded look into the heart and mind of Eyes Set to Kill’s front woman, Alexia Rodriguez. It’s here that the singer-songwriter shines brightest, offering listeners a front row seat to watch her battle the singer-songwriters darkest demons. The group’s video for the song “Heights” can be seen online at

In each market, BreakSilence and Revolver Magazine will give two local opening acts the chance to win a recording contract with BreakSilence Recordings. The winner will receive a recording contract from BreakSilence Recordings, an endorsement deal from Ernie Ball, a feature in Revolver magazine, gear from Schecter Guitars, Daisy rock guitars and custom EMG pick-ups. For more information please visit

October 31 – Boise, ID @ The Venue
November 01 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
November 02 – Spokane, WA @The Blvd
November 05 – Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
November 06 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Farm
November 07 – Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza Pub
November 08 – Temecula, CA @ The Vault
November 10 – Fresno, CA @ The Starline
November 11 – Palmdale, CA @ The Crossing
November 12 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

Cannabis Corpse/Ramming Speed Tour Starts OCTOBER 2009

10/30 San Francisco, CA @ The Metro w/Engorged, Population Reduction, Ghoul
10/31 Los Angeles, CA @ 2449 Gates St (Costume party!)
11/1 Phoenix, AZ @ Incision Tattoo
11/2 Las Cruces @ TBA **
11/3 Alburquerque, NM @ TBA **
11/4 Denton, TX @ Lions Den **
11/5 Memphis, TN @ TBA **
11/6 St. Louis, MO @ TBA **
11/7 Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s Rock Club **
11/8 Cincinnati, OH @ Blue Rock Tavern **
11/9 Richmond, VA @ The Clubhouse **
11/10 Philadelphia, PA @ Warehouse **
11/11 New York City, NY @ TBA **
11/14 Allston, MA @ Unit 11 **

Fat Ass – We Have Come For Your Mothers (CD)

In continuing with the beer-fueled dirty punk rock that Diaphragm Records is known for, Fat Ass comes out with their debut album, “We Have Come For Your Mothers.” Getting dirty with their bar chords, Fat Ass comes out with a set of vocals that is a distinct mixture of Tim Armstrong and the vocalist from Hilljack. Instead of taking up a standard and running it into the ground, like their label-mates A Planet For Texas, Fat Ass comes out with 13 cuts of pure fury only tied by the high energy of each track. Unlike a number of bar-punk acts, the recording on this disc is clean enough that the bass is almost always heard, chugging through with interesting rhythms. By far, the extreme shortness of each and every tracks creates the distinct feeling of not having enough material on this disc – while there are 13 tracks, each one of them only feels about two minutes long.

In calling forth the specters of a number of mid-1980s punk bands such as Black Flag and Dead Kennedys, Fat Ass successfully meshes the aforementioned bands with Matt Freeman-style bass lines to create something fairly forward-thinking. Never a band to not experiment, the high water mark of this disc comes in “Lonesome”, where a piano adds trills to the bass-lead rhythm of Skinny Jay. Slipping a little bit in the over-arching “Mommy You Stink”, having guitar adornments that sound wildly dissonant with the mass of the song, Fat Ass yet pushes the envelope to create the boogie-laden “Rub One Out.”

Even though I have no idea what Lonesome Sal and Erick Fromindiana are saying a majority of the time, this is no different than some of Aus Rotten or Good Riddance. While the guitar lines do end up starting to mesh together and sounding alike, the balls-fowardness of the CD is something to be applauded. The technical prowess of Lonesome and Erick in some of the solos (such as “104 Northeast Drove”) is something to behold, even if the typical desire of Fat Ass is to just blast forward with power chords. “Betty Ford” recalls the booze-fueled antics of Columbus-based Hilljack, but with more of a punk influence. “We Have Come For Your Mothers” is not a ground-breaking album in any sense, but if an individual is looking for simple, straightforward punk rock, than this album may just be for you.

Rating: 6.8/10

Top Tracks : 104 Northeast Drive, Indiana Weekend

Fat Ass – We Have Come For Your Mothers / 2003 Diaphragm Records / 13 Songs / / / Released August 2003 / Reviewed 25 November 2003


In early 2009, a kuduro phenomenon swept the nation and Portuguese superstars, Buraka Som Sistema, ushered in the movement. Now as the year begins to wind down, the band that became infamous for their live show at Coachella 2009 makes its way across the US to bring fans to the dance-floor for one more sweaty shake down. BSS will start the tour off proper at this year’s destination Halloween event, HARD Haunted Mansion,and wind their way down south of the border to play their first ever shows in Mexico!

Easily one of the most talked about and well-received albums of the year, Buraka Som Sistema’s debut full length studio album on Fabric Records, Black Diamond, was heralded as “one of the fiercest dance records in recent memory” by Pitchfork and praised by the Fader, Rolling Stone, XLR8R, Spin, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the New Yorker, among others. The band’s video for ‘Sound of Kuduro’ featuring famous fan MIA took the internet by storm, with over 2 million views to date, and by the time the band- Lil John, DJ Riot, Conductor and Kalaf- arrived stateside, those in the know knew not to miss their live show. Leaving no stone unturned or fan disappointed, the band came back later in the summer with their free followup mixtape, Blood Diamond, and now return this fall with what is sure to be the next dance floor anthem, ‘Restless’. Previously unreleased, ‘Restless’ will be available digitally this November.

Music, bio, interviews, art and more available upon request.




SAT 31 HARD Haunted Mansion Los Angeles, CA

WED 4 Le Poisson Rouge New York, NY

SUN 8 Fun Fun Fun Fest Austin, TX

THU 5 Velvet Mexico City, MEXICO

FRI 6 La Burbula Guadalajara, MEXICO

SAT 7 Noise Monterrey, MEXICO

THU 12 The Mayan Los Angeles, CA

FRI 13 Casbah San Diego

SAT 14 Mezzanine San Francisco