Amanda Morra – S/T

“Better Days” is the first track on Amanda Morra’s album, and it immediately strikes listeners with a sound that is familiar, but looks to take the pop genre in bold, new ways. The coy vocals of Morra’s are allowed to shine alongside a set of instrumental arrangements that properly highlight’s Morra’s vocals at all the right times. After this initial salvo, “Strike One” comes forth in a much more sultry and slinky way. The inclusion of a more dance-oriented set of instruments brings a little bit of Britney to the album, with Morra continuing to show a unique soul to her performance that sets her apart from the countless other artists in the pop genre.

“Room To Breathe” is an early pinnacle for the disc, as the instrumentation steps up considerably to create a scintillating, touching backdrop that Morra and guest star George can properly work with. What results is a pop track that is a true “Newlyweds” of star, blending together the pristine pop star with the singular boy band member. The blending of the vocals push each to a quality that is stunning, while the track feeds well into the later tracks, be they immediate (“Say Hey”, “I and Only”) or towards the end (“If I Took You Home, More and More”). “Rewind” is a track that allows listeners to begin to understand exactly how talented Morra is; the instrumentation takes a backseat while Morra touches all the bases (be they Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, or Jordin Sparks) while approaching a more mature, Broadway and classical, type of output.

“If I Took You Home” is the last new track on the album, and looks to create a high-energy club rack that will be played throughout fall and winter. The catchy, airy instrumentation melds well with Morra’s vocals, inculcating a burning desire in anyone listening in that will have them go to see Morra live or search out any newer recordings by this new force in pop music. Morra will be the talk of the town just as soon as larger audiences hear this debut recording, I guarantee.

Top Tracks: Better Days, Room To Breathe

Rating: 8.0/10

Amanda Morra – S/T / 2009 Self / 12 Tracks /

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