Morphine – At Your Service (CD)

If any 90’s band warranted the anthology treatment it’s Morphine. It took a decade, but Rhino has given the Boston-based “low rock” band the treatment and the result is a wildly impressive look at band’s output. The refreshingly original band – name one other alt rock band from that era that sounded so good with a saxophone – ended suddenly in 1999 when singer Mark Sandman died of a heart attack on stage. Though there’s been one or two Best Of CDs over the years, At Your Service is 35 songs spread out over two discs. All of the songs in this collection are previously unreleased tracks, alternate takes, and a few live ones. The collection spans the band’s career from their 1992 debut up to their last album in ’97. Alternate takes of “Take Me With You” and “You’re an Artist” sound even better than the originals. The collection, a must-have for fans of the band, is also a pretty decent primer for those who don’t own any of the group’s formal releases.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Top track: “Take Me With You,” “Good” and “Shoot ‘Em Down”

Morphine – At Your Service /2 CDs/35 tracks/2009/Rhino

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