Mower – Make it a Double (CD)

Oh, hyper aggressive hybrid of metal/punk band, do you ever tire of writing the same song over and over again? If you’re Mower, I guess so. Four albums into it, and the Mohawk sportin’ (two members at least), tattooed members of the San Diego hard rock band are releasing their grip on that template a bit. Sure, the themes of partying and violence are still front and center, but Make it a Double also mixes in a bit of their lounge lizard alter egos (aptly named Slower).

The result is actually pretty interesting and not nearly as forced as it sounds. The first half of the record is predictably agro-jock rock, but the second half – the slower songs – are well… pretty damn decent. “Faded” and “Road Rage” for example, are stronger than any of the band’s standard fare of sludge rock. With laid back vocal delivery, muted guitars and some strings, they have somehow managed to make a song about the dangers of using a cell phone in the car (“Road Rage”) sound pretty damn good. Now if only they would ditch the played out metal act and take up the lounge singer vibe full time.

Rating: 7.3 out of 10

Top track: “Road Rage”

Mower – Make it a Double /CD /14 tracks /2009/Suburban Noize/

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