Rise For Order – Rip It Up (CD)

“Paralyze” has all the grit and energy that is present in a Papa Roach, Godsmack, and even Tantric. The hard edge that comes forth is moderated considerably by the tremendous skill exhibited by each band member. The nods that Rise For Order make to older acts, including Tool and Nine Inch Nails, further establish the act as one that furthers the dialogue present in the hard rock genre. The production is another strength for Rise For Order on “Rip It Up”, allowing each piece (be it drums, guitars, or vocals) to have their own time in the spotlight. What results then during “Paralyze” is a song that will easily make it onto heavy rock stations, while having enough present to keep fans of intricate instrumentation interested. “Freeze Frame” changes things up considerably from other tracks on “Rip It Up”, as the band looks back to the halcyon days of Coal Chamber, Korn, and Disturbed.

In doing that, they are able to update the style of these acts into something that fans of current rock can appreciate. The stop-start arrangements here are rendered well enough to ensure that all of the momentum garnered by the band during “Paralyze” is continued, while the track itself will whip fans into a moshy frenzy. Of particular note during this track would have to be the interplay between the drums and guitars, linking intensity with on-point and hard-hitting percussion. “Weed and Hooker Spit” provides listeners with another side of Rise For Order, as the act crafts a slinky sound that gradually rips listeners to shreds. The arrangements here build off of each other, creating a song that has a tremendously solid foundation.

While not as immediately catchy as “Paralyze”, I feel that “Weed and Hooker Spit” is a better show of the act’s strengths. The band adopts a little bit of the grittier hard rock of the early nineties (pre-grunge), ensuring that fans of Jackyl and Warrant will be able to be brought into the modern day. Rise For Order assaults listeners with a wide array of genres and styles, thrusting listeners into a feeding trough that is chock-full of rock. Whether listeners start their experience with “Paralyze” or the mind-blowing “Wide Open”, the result is the same: they will become full-fledged Rise For Order fans.

Top Track: Paralyze, How You Like Me Now

Rating: 8.2/10

Rise For Order – Rip It Up (CD) / 2009 Self / http://www.myspace.com/rfomusic

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