(500) Days of Summer (Blu-Ray)

(500) Days of Summer is a romantic comedy that seems to strip away many of the played-out features of the genre while still coming forth as eminently approachable for all audiences. The film itself may be a little challenging to get into at first due to the non-linear path it takes. This means that different scenes from Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer’s (Zooey Deschanel)’s relationship are shown. While there seems to be moments of utter love shown between the couple, the break-up scene seems to show an immaturity of both parts that flies against their cool exterior. While there ultimately is some conclusion provided the relationship, the twist at the end of the film (which we’ll let viewers see for themselves) makes everything almost alright.

The film itself is centered around the two main characters, but is bolstered further by the stellar performances turned in by the rest of the supporting cast. Of particulate note here would have to be Chloe Moretz’s break-out role as Tom’s sister and Clark Gregg’s performance as Tom’s boss. While (500) Days of Summer does contain a great deal of humor, there seems to be a sadness present that will resonate win the hearts of anyone that has had a “perfect” relationship turn sour.

The different additional features that are present in the Blu-Ray edition of (500) Days of Summer are numerous, ensuring that viewers will be able to keep the Blu-Ray disc in their player for weeks to come. Beyond common features like the digital copy of the film, there is a music video of “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap along with an illuminating audio commentary that ties together Joseph Gordon-Levitt with director Marc Webb. Beyond these features, more in-depth featurettes like the blending together of scenes from Sid and Nancy and this film shows a number of interesting parallels. Finally, the inclusion of a deleted scenes reel is important to properly understand some nuances to the film that may not otherwise be known or properly understood.

Rating: 9.0/10

(500) Days of Summer (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Fox / 95 Minutes / http://www.foxconnect.com / http://www.foxbluray.com

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