Daniel X: The Ultimate Power (Nintendo DS)

There have been a number of titles that have been based off of novels, and while a great many of these titles have coasted on the name value alone, I feel that Daniel X: The Ultimate Power is not one. This means that there is a desire to keep the game accurate to the source material (from James Patterson) while still creating an immersive experience that will stick with players long after they put down their DS. The title itself is able to use the unique abilities of the DS while still keeping the control scheme intuitive, along with adding a feature that uses the camera on the DSi to see whom one knows that may be an alien.

Daniel X has something for everyone, whether it be puzzle-solving, action, or RPG nods that do well to create a truly unique experience for gamers. Potential players should not worry if they are unfamiliar with the source material, as Griptonite (developers) have included more than enough in the way of back story to catch players up, while fans of Patterson’s work will be easily able to jump in with the aforementioned control scheme. The price point ($29.99) and experience provided by Daniel X: The Ultimate Power makes for a solid value, one that will only get sweeter as online retailers and brick & mortal continue to offer deals on the title.

While I know that getting the rights to make a game like this are price prohibitive, I would like to see further efforts by Griptonite in regard to Patterson’s bibliography. Furthermore, I think that they would do a marvelous job in bringing Patterson’s work to life on the current generation of consoles – let’s see them make an Alex Cross or Women’s Murder Club game for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Regardless of affiliation, Daniel X: The Ultimate Power is a great game and should be purchase at one’s first opportunity.

Rating: 7.4/10

Daniel X: The Ultimate Power (Nintendo DS) / 2009 THQ / http://www.thq.com

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