Pray The Devil Back To Hell (DVD)

Pray The Devil Back To Hell is a film that showcases a group of individuals that are definitely ignored by the mainstream press. This is because the subject matter centers around the Liberia plight, in which a group of wives come together in the hope that the different struggles could be resolved. Set during the Charles Taylor regime in the country, it really is amazing that this group of individuals was able to put pressure on a leader that would just as well kill them all.

The direction of Gini Reticker (In The Company of Women) is absolutely stellar, with a narrative that feels natural, rather than seeming like a number of documentaries that hold themselves at a level above those that they are filming. Rather, Reticker is down on the group with each person and viewers begin to gain a sense of the danger that was present at all points. While it may be a little hard to believe that only the set of characters were able to accomplish peace in Liberia (Rather than a number of outside forces added to that number), what Reticker does in Pray The Devil Back To Hell is show exactly how much a dedicated set of individuals can honestly do.

Aside from the quality of the film itself, something has to be said about the incidental music that is present. This score, committed to the print by Blake Leyh (The Wire, Twist of Faith) provides the proper air of gravitas to an already hard-hitting movie. Pray The Devil Back To Hell is a film that would not normally be made, and by giving this struggle publicity, it provides further fuel for other individuals to take their destiny in their own hands.

Rating: 8.2/10

Pray The Devil Back To Hell (DVD) / 2009 Passion River / 72 Minutes / /

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