Gary Unmarried: The Complete First Season (DVD Set)

Gary Unmarried is currently working on its second season, after initially premiering in late September of 2008. The show itself begins with Jay Mohr as a newly ex-married individual, trying to ensure that eir business (painting houses) stays above water. This comedy is one of tension, as Gary has to interact with the woman that broke eir heart owing to the two progeny that they spawned. Furthermore, Gary is not completely on the level, so viewers will crack up whenever ey’s schemes go awry. Tom (Gary and Allison’s son) seems to be one of those caught in the middle, as there seems to be a little bit of each of eir parents present in eir actions and behaviors. With a cast that includes both veteran and newer actors, there is a vibe here that few shows can hope to reach. Where some of the situations may seem to be standard television fare, Gary Unmarried does well in turning the situations on their respective ears.

Along with all episodes of the first season, ABC Studios has included a large number of bonus features that will keep this DVD set in players for weeks after it was first purchased. The bloopers reel that is present here furthers the humor to be found in the show, while “Planet Begley” showcases a little more of Ed Begley Jr’s eco-allure than would normally be present in an average episode of Gary Unmarried. “The Chemistry of Comedy” may just be the best inclusion on “The Complete First Season”, as it is a behind the scenes look of the cast and surroundings that would otherwise never be seen.

As the second season is finishing up, make sure to pick up the first season to get a better idea of each cast member’s motivations and desires for their roles, as well as providing more context for what will ultimately happen in the second season and beyond. While Gary Unmarried may not be #1 in ratings,k it is a solid show that I believe that some individuals may have missed. With the release of this DVD (February 9th), I feel that this show will finally get the love that it rightfully deserves.

Rating: 7.5/10

Gary Unmarried: The Complete First Season (DVD Set) / 2010 ABC Studios / 424 Minutes / hthtp://

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