A Mind To Kill: Series 1 (DVD Set)

A Mind To Kill is a show that I’ve been curious about for a while now; off the top of my head, it is one of the few shows that ran for as long as it did to not receive an American DVD release. Acorn Media has taken the first step to engendering a love for the show in American audiences by the releasing of the first season’s DVD set. The show itself chronicles DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Noel Bain, played here by Philip Madoc of Doctor Who, Ennal’s Point, and Target. Bain is first introduced to us with “Black Silence”, an episode that tensely opens up as Bain looks to find out whom killed a lady of the night. What seems to be a pretty simple case becomes more complicated when Bain figures out that this woman saw a drastic, violent even by union members. Series 1 ends with “Rachel Hardcastle”, an episode that strips away much of the grim, gritty demeanor of Bain and showcases exactly what happens when ey decides to live for eirself rather than for country and family.

Where there are only a few bonus features to be had, I really feel as if the producer’s notes give viewers a previously unseen view into the specific decisions made and how exactly what was captured on screen differed from the producer’s mind owing to actor, environment, and other concerns. The uncut blood and violence may not be suitable for some, but it is done in a way that furthers the story without seeming too over the top.

The future is bright for A Mind To Kill; what comprises the entirety of the first season should likely become a periodic thing, where individuals can gain more and more of the story behind Bain’s life, eir motivations, and the different and difficult situations in which ey finds eirself. If you are a fan of A Mind to Kill, make sure to pick up this DVD set; this will allow Acorn to see that other seasons deserved to be crafted with the same loving care that this one was.

Rating: 7.8/10

A Mind To Kill: Series 1 (DVD Set) / 2010 Acorn Media / 596 Minutes / http://www.acornmedia.com

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